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Soil Renew

Soil Renew

Soil Renew is a combination of organic plant matter and an ecosystem of microorganisms which creates humus in the soil. It will continue to improve the quality of soil over time. It is in pellet form and should be applied on the surface of the soil once a year. It is easy to use and should not be dug into the soil.

We recommend not digging in Soil Renew for two reasons;

  • Soil Renew contains living organisms, both aerobic and anaerobic. When spread on the surface and activated by moisture the pellets will disintegrate and the microorganisms will find their own level in the soil.
  • The living things in the soil do a better job of aerating, draining and fertilising the soil than any mechanical methods. The less we disturb them the better for the soil.

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  • Retains nutrients in the soil
  • Accelerates production of humus from organic matter
  • Improves soil structure and content
  • Increases micro-bacterial life in the soil
  • Improves root structure
  • Produces healthier, disease-resistant plants
  • Limits moss growth due to better aeration of the soil
  • Natural organic action – Eliminates the need for chemical additives
  • Encourages biodiversity


Lawns: 30-50g per m² annually

Sports Pitches: 30-50g per m² in spring and autumn

Vegetables: 50g per m² after planting and in autumn

Trees and Hedging: 50-80g per m²

Flowers: 80g per m²


1.5Kg Box (will treat ± 30m²)

3Kg Bucket (will treat ± 60m²)

10Kg Bucket (will treat ± 200m²)

20Kg Bag(PRO) (will treat ± 400m²)