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 20170404_145545  20170404_145548

The big dig on 4th April 2017 at Ardcroney Soccer field headed up by Erwan Allain Scientific Director with SOBAC

            Soccer Field 1  Soccer Field 2 Soccer Field 3 Soccer Field 4

When we dug the Soccer field in Ardcroney that has been using only Soil Renew for the past 2 years – this is what we found; masses of deep roots, oxygenated soil, worm activity, crumbly soil.

HUrling Field 1 HUrling Field 2 HUrling Field 3

We then dug the hurling field (at the back of the soccer field) that has not been using Soil Renew but was being sprayed for weeds and getting 10-10-20 twice annually.

This is what we found; roots close to the surface of the soil, no worms or worm activity, mucky/clumpy soil.

   16195046_1404898332862136_7531570272549778177_n 16174657_1404898732862096_6592444659004486376_n 16174841_1404898659528770_688757411364390511_n 16114332_1404898886195414_4613079660909469000_n

These photos were taken 12th May 2015