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How do I apply Soil Renew?

Soil Renew is easy to use. It should be spread on top of any soil (lawns, flower beds, vegetable beds, in polytunnels, in containers and even indoor plants).

It should not be dug into the soil because the principle of Soil Renew is to protect and encourage the life in the soil to improve it and make it more fertile. By digging you break up the soil structure and disturb the life in it.

It should be applied by hand or spreader at the rate of a small handful (about 50 gm) per m². A 1.5kg box will treat 30m² and a 10kg bucket will treat up to 300m². For small bushes or medium sized plants 25g at the base is sufficient and 50gm for larger trees. Eight to ten pellets for an indoor plant will give it a boost.

When do I apply Soil Renew?

The ground temperature should be above 8°C and it is best used when the weather conditions are not too hot or dry. Soil Renew contains many different microorganisms below which will activate in moist, warm conditions.

If applied in the spring, Soil Renew will create humus in the soil and improve the growing conditions for the plants. An autumn application is also very beneficial as it allows the microorganisms to boost the fertility of the soil without being disturbed too much so that the soil is ready for the growing season in the spring.

How does Moss Go Lawn Renew work?

Moss Go Lawn Renew (MGLR) is a fully organic product which will kill the moss in your lawn. It should only be used on soils and not on any hard surfaces such as patios or driveways. It functions through the action of an algae contained in the product and suffocates the moss, killing it within days.

You should dilute it with 1 part Moss Go Lawn Renew to 10 parts water and then spray it on the affected areas of your lawn. MGLR will not change the colour of the grass, unlike sulphate of iron, and can be used only on the areas where it is needed. One litre will treat approx 100m2 of mossy lawn.

MGLR has a fertilising effect on the grass and, as it is organic will not have any negative impact on the life in the soil.

Once applied, the moss will start to turn black and die. You should leave it for a couple of days to act before raking it out of the grass. It is possible to leave it there to decompose and be reaborbed into the soil but as this can be unsightly, we would recommend raking it out. It should be easier to remove once dead. If there are a lot of bare patches you may like to spread some grass seed on these areas. You should also apply some Soil Renew to improve the drainage and fertility of the soil so that the underlying causes of moss are eliminated.

I treat the moss in my lawn every year but it keeps coming back. Is there a permanent solution?

Moss loves moisture and the most frequent cause is compacted soil which does not allow the rain to drain away, trapping it in the upper layers.

The best way to get rid of compaction in soil is to increase the life in the soils. Earthworms will burrow through the soil creating channels which allow water and oxygen to travel through the soil. They also bring down organic matter into the soil which is then broken down by microorganisms into humus. Humus increases the nutrient store for plants as well as acting as a sponge in the soil retaining water during times of drought and allowing water to pass through in times of heavy rainfall. Deep, dense roots will grow into the soil and break up compacted areas.

Soil Renew brings microorganisms to the soil, encourages the life in the soil to thrive and supports the development of strong, healthy root structures.

Over time, these improvements will change the soil conditions that cause moss to grow. The moss will die away while the grass becomes stronger and takes over.

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Soil Renew is a combination of organic plant matter and an ecosystem of microorganisms which creates humus in the soil. It will continue to improve the quality of soil over time.

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