We at Soil Renew Ireland are delighted that we launched a new range of 100% Organic garden care products based on the principles of respect for nature, care for plants and responsibility for the future of our soil.

Our products were launched in Ireland at Bloom 2014.

Breathe Life back into your garden

Soil Renew, Soil Renew PRO, Soil Renew Special Green, Compost Renew and Moss Go Lawn Renew work in harmony with nature, nurturing the life in the soil to create natural, healthy, nutrient-rich soil which in turn produces healthy, disease-resistant plants.

They provide a natural boost to the system so nature can do what it does best, which is increase in diversity and abundance.

All life is interdependent and when we interfere with the balance in nature by applying fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides we change the interactions between life forms in ways that is hard to predict.

Our Products

Soil Renew
Soil Renew
Soil Renew

Soil Renew Works In Harmony With Nature!

Soil Renew is a combination of organic plant matter and an ecosystem of microorganisms which creates humus in the soil. It will continue to improve the quality of soil over time.

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