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Feed your soil naturally! Diarmuid Gavin in the Irish Independent 27th July 2015

In his feature on plant nutrients in the Irish Independent on the 27th July 2015 Diarmuid Gavin had this to say about SOIL RENEW:

“Soil Renew is a natural and easy to use form of garden plant feeding. Full of micro-organisms and organic plant matter, it works with the soil’s natural processes to boost its efficiency. It comes in pellet form, which is recommended you scatter once a year around the base of plants. You don’t dig or hoe it in, relying instead on whatever lives in the soil to aerate, improve the drainage and make the locked-in nutrients available to the roots. I used it this year and am delighted by the results.”

To read more see the full article online:

Diarmuid Gavin uses Soil Renew