See you at Glas!

We will be at Glas at Citywest on 23rd of July 2015 and we'd be delighted to meet you to talk to you about our range of unique organic garden care...

Soil Renew in the Media!

Diarmuid Gavin, Eugene Higgins, Fionnuala Fallon and many other have been testing Soil Renew and are finding it beneficial to the soil. Look her for...

Healthy Soil

Healthy soil… is full of life is high in organic matter has a porous, crumbly structure retains water produces healthier, disease resistant plants....

Our Products

Soil Renew
Soil Renew
Soil Renew

Soil Renew Works In Harmony With Nature!

Soil Renew is a combination of organic plant matter and an ecosystem of microorganisms which creates humus in the soil. It will continue to improve the quality of soil over time.

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